manage-vas-case17-12-2What is Managed VAS?
Overseen VAS is our recommendation to medium sized administrators wishing to offer a solid arrangement of significant worth included administrations that develop incomes and are cost-productive and quick to send. With Managed VAS, we convey our Smart SDP stage, one or various VAS applications and we devote a group of oversaw VAS experts to deal with the administration.

In a Managed VAS engagement, we work intimately with you as an accomplice. We convey an on location bolster asset, an Account Manager and off-site improvement specialists and bolster administrators to guarantee:

– We convey an ideal administration as far as elements, duties and situating for the market

– The administration performs in accordance with commonly concurred targets

– We convey against commonly concurred income targets

– We convey benefits in the conferred time allotments

Overseen VAS offers esteem for medium measured working organizations, with Vas Mobitech taking care of forthright venture costs so administrators abstain from making any underlying capex speculation. Vas Mobitech additionally tailors administrations to meet particular market needs and guarantee end clients are pulled in to the administration suggestion and stay drew in with the administration into the long haul. In a Managed VAS relationship, Vas Mobitech expect noteworthy hazard in the engagement, and is resolved to prevail as the relationship depends on an income share plan of action.

How does Managed VAS Grow my Business?
Managed VAS helps grow your business in two ways: by accelerating revenue growth and by increasing cost-efficiency.

We grow revenues by deploying a dedicated Managed VAS team who devise campaigns and promotions, as well as deploy new features and service enhancements quickly to ensure end users remain engaged with the service. The team also tracks performance against revenue targets, revising offerings and promotions to meet changing end user demands. By working closely with you, Vas Mobitech ensures the service is customized to meet market needs, which in turn drives usage and revenue growth.

We deliver cost efficiency and an improved ROI by deploying a highly cost-efficient Smart SDP, engineered to deliver greater throughput with reduced investment. You can deploy any Vas Mobitech on the platform with no or minimal additional hardware investment. We enable further cost savings by removing the need for investment in an extensive in-house team focused on managing VAS services. Our dedicated Managed VAS Services team focus 100% on growing the VAS business – and free up in-house resources to work on other projects.

How does the Relationship Work?
We offer Managed VAS on an income share plan of action. With this model, we share hazard and reward, part incomes in respect to the venture made by every gathering in making the accomplishment of the administration.

At the beginning, we plainly characterize duties. Extensively, we deal with the administration end to end – from organization through to progressing administration, including accomplice administration, benefit highlight improvement and promoting exercises, for example, battle arranging and execution. You send the essential asset required to showcase the administration, in accordance with concurred promoting strategies.

We share execution information and hold month to month gatherings to audit advance and concur activities and more extensive longer term objectives.

How Fast is it to Deploy?
We deploy Managed VAS quickly – within 7 weeks. We always maintain our defined timeframes and sometimes exceed these. For multiple properties we are able to deploy additional sites at a faster pace. As an example, for one pan-regional CRBT deployment, we installed CRBT for an operator with 26 sites across 2 continents within 12 weeks.

How are services overseen?
Vas Mobitech starts dealing with the administration preceding administration dispatch! The group finishes all prelaunch steps, taking a long haul see. This implies any customization that are required can be booked before dispatch, or post dispatch, contingent upon market necessities. Once sent, Vas Mobitech commits a group to the engagement. A devoted Account Managed assumes general liability for dealing with the relationship, working intimately with the administrator and Vas Mobitech to guarantee business objectives are top of brain. Vas Mobitech gives nearby support to the administration, fit for taking care of both specialized and business necessities, while an offsite group gives advancement and administration bolster.

There is day by day correspondence and audits of incomes, with Vas Mobitech working with the administrator to devise battles and advancements to draw in clients and drive take-up and use. Together, Vas Mobitech and the administrator characterize benefit objectives, as far as elements and substance, with Vas Mobitech conveying improvements and substance through outsider accomplices.

Vas Mobitech has broad involvement in building incomes inside a Managed VAS relationship and attracts on this to recommend long haul methodology and fleeting strategies.

The premise of the relationship is based on trust, straightforwardness and a demonstrated reputation – and the Vas Mobitech group is focused on conveying against business objectives.

How are services conveyed?
Vas Mobitech has critical experience of conveying Managed VAS to different administrators in assorted geologies. In light of this experience, Vas Mobitech can focus on a 7 week time span for administration conveyance.

Together with the administrator, Vas Mobitech characterizes parts and obligations. Once concurred, Vas Mobitech sources equipment and introduces the arrangement on location, creates and performs content arrangements, before planning and executing a delicate dispatch. Taking after dispatch, Vas Mobitech handles day by day operations, support and business development.

Managed VAS case studies
Working with our clients, we have accomplished some noteworthy outcomes.

We have empowered one administrator to beat its rival, despite the fact that it is a small amount of its size.

We have conveyed 15-crease development for one universal administrator – with the client augmenting our engagement as of late, in view of execution.