VAS Mobitech Pvt. Ltd. is a leading VAS (value added services) provider company in India. We deliver innovative applications for Entertainment, E-commerce and Enterprises. Currently offering a range of leading edge voice and data transmission technologies for telecom operators and service providers our VAS solutions seamlessly integrate enterprise IT and wireless environment, which enable all the players in the value chain to deploy value added services quickly and cost effectively.

VAS Mobitech Pvt. Ltd. offers solution that combine with network design, consulting, project implementation, training and technical support professional services, allowing telecommunications companies to implement advanced and next generation networks in order to take full advantage of their capabilities and offer competitive services. We are helping various service providers to get them to reach their business objectives by providing the resources and manpower for them.

Vision Mission and Values
We believe in working towards common goals and drawing on our shared values to achieve these.

To be the cornerstone of the mobile telecom ecosystem, delivering communication products and services that demonstrably improve the lives of over 1 billion people across emerging markets.

Through our work, realize our potential and concretely contribute to making peoples’ lives richer through the use of mobile technology.

Joyful Pride
Working together to fulfil our own potential and our customers’ expectations. We take pleasure in our work and pride in the results.

Getting Better in Every Way
Constantly striving to grow our knowledge: developing and challenging ourselves to build better products and services. We do a good job but we know there is always room for improvement!

True to Ourselves
Working with humility and integrity to remain grounded and strong.

Resolute in our dedication and determination to deliver on our commitments, we take ownership throughout the relationship.

Products & Service :
VAS Solutions
Laced with technical and industry expertise, we are one of the leading VAS providers helping telecom operators deliver innovative VAS solutions to the end customers. We deliver various product and services over IVR, SMS, USSD, WAP & App. VAS Mobitech has a proven track record of delivering high-end services helping the mobile operators differentiate themselves from the competition and add value to their standard service offering thus driving the customers, to use his/her phone more and allowing the operators to drive up their ARPU.

Providing highly relevant, rich and timely content is the priority of telecom operators. Vas Mobitech’s products and services for mobile operator are designed to generate growth in revenues and assist telecom operators to stay a head in competition.

Our services for mobile operators include
– Mobile Value Added Services
– Technology Solutions

Some of our key products are:

CRBT: Greeting of callers with your customized tones. Selection of caller tune from Bollywood songs, Name Tunes, corporate tunes, Copy song, Occasional songs and Famous Dialogues.
Live News IVR: LIVE NEWS Voice steaming service (with 0 seconds delay). Users can determine their language of choice for Listen News
Voice Chat: A voice based social networking platform which enables users to find new friends with similar kind of interests
Devotional Portal: Streaming of spiritual content ( live & static ) for consumers with tie- ups with 15+ shrines across the country

Technology Solutions
Vas Mobitech’s Technology solutions are designed to generate revenue and assist operators & enterprises to stay ahead in competition.

Rapid evolution in Technology is leading to unprecedented growth in revenue generating opportunities for telcos and enterprises. Growth in the number of smartphone users, mobile applications and constant network migration emphasis the need of better technology solutions.

Vas Mobitech has deep domain knowledge and technical insight to deliver valuable and revenue driven solutions to its customers. By integrating our mobile technology solutions in their infrastructure, the customers can increase their operational efficiencies and increase the revenue per user. Vas Mobitech provides high end service offerings to customers to improve their overall productivity.

Some of the offerings are as follows:
Single IVR Platform – Platform for vendors/CPs for hosting their IVR applications. It provides 360 degree support from hosting of IVR service to subscriber management, content management and promotion of services hosted.
Call Management Suite – Single access platform to access and manage multiple call
USSD – Discover our USSD platforms to open up new revenue streams
Dynamic Voice Mail – This service enables virtual connectivity when the phone is switched off or not reachable