ivrIVR can explore huge business scope for different TV channels through different news programs where viewers participation will be facilitate in a form of Opinion, Question, Vote, Comments as it requires for the program.

With this vision in mind, VAS Mobitech facilitated an IVR platform to provide LIVE news services to the mobile users.

We tagged with the prominent TV channels i.e. Aaj Tak and India Today and formed an IVR team. We are the first to bring on board the prominent TV news channels for this modern LIVE NEWS service.

Friends Club


Friends Club is a full bodied, well researched, complete user interface for subscribers chat over Voice anonymously. The intuitive, dynamic menu makes Friend’s Club an exhilarating experience.

Live Pandit

pandit image

Now get solution of your entire problems on our LIVE Pandit service. Here you can talk to our Pandit ji regarding your career, Marriage, personal problems and other issues and gets for sure solutions for all of them.

In this there is a facility of Online Pandit , this service provides you to talk directly with our pandit who will solve your all problems.

Natkhat Baatein


Indians Girls are crazy while talking to each other. They talk to an extent that they don’t mind spending hours talking to each other. But what do they talk about? Naughty Talks provides some of the interesting gossips with different topics between Girls.



Mantras are energy-based sounds. Saying any word produces an actual physical vibration. Over time, if we know what the effect of that vibration is, then the word may come to have meaning associated with the effect of saying that vibration or word. This is one level of energy basis for words.

Mantra is the one of the best service provided by the VAS Mobitech Pvt. Ltd. in which the users just have to dial up and they can listen to many mantras as per their requirement. The mantra keeps on updating according to the festivals/occasions etc. Listening to the mantra takes human being to the peace and far away from the world noise and tension.


live pandit

Horoscope gives information about your future on the basis of Date of Birth or Zodiac Sign. This can be received on Daily, Weekly, monthly and Yearly by calling on IVR, SMS or OBDs.